Saturday, October 25, 2008

There's no Place like Home!

We had to leave the football game a little early, so we could get to our Halloween party. It's always fun to dress up one day out of the year and be anybody or anything you want to be. My friend, Stacie, had a Dorothy costume that she let me borrow (THANKS A LOT!)and we turned Fred into the scarecrow! We had a great time and ate lots of yummy but scary foods!
We had a great time and at the end of the night I tapped my Ruby slippers and POOF we were home!

Little Red Riding and You know WHO!--The White Stripes

Yummy Desserts! POOP and Blood Drenched Cake!

We had a great time!

NAU Homecoming

Today was such a crazy day! Run, run, run was the theme for the day, but at least it was a FUN day. NAU had their homecoming game today against Weber State, so we invited our friends, Stacie and Kerby Bean (Kerby is a Weber State Graduate) and our friends, Carson (NAU graduate) and Colby(I think BYU Graduate? OK totally wrong, he's a UTE!). We had a great time, the Lumberjacks got lost, but we had a good time. I also fulfilled a homework assignment for my NAU class by attending the Football, so I guess you can say I got my homework done this weekend.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman!

No it's just Sean! Fred and I went to Target last night after the whole Scarlett Letter incident and my dear husband loves to shop for Sean.(It's his only boy!) The weather up here is getting cold and Sean needs some new pajamas. We found some really cute Superman pajamas with the cape and Lightning McQueen. We got them home and he automatically falls in love with them and wants to put them on, but only after we wash the pen marks off! He tells his dad, I love you dad - your the BEST dad ever!(with emphasis on BEST) How can you not want to shop for someone when you get that response each time? So we wake up this morning and he will not take off his Superman pajamas--I had a big Biology test this morning and I didn't have the time to argue with him(it's called "pick your battles"). I bargained with the kid and told him he could wear the shirt, but he had to wear jeans with it! Let's just say all of the kids thought he had the coolest shirt on ever today! The teacher told me they had to take the cape off because Sean kept running around and distracting the others! They got a kick out of it!

The Cape!

The Scarlet Letter

I would like to state a fact--Husbands do not watch their children while the mom is gone! I came home from school last night and there is Sean with an A on his forehead in pen. I also notice earrings, eyeshadow, letters written on his back, and
something resembling nipple covers on his chest(can you say nipple in a BLOG!) all in PEN. Gotta Love it!


Was the word Fred heard Sat. night! I wanted to do something BIG for Fred's big 4-0, so I planned Surprise party for him. He told me that he didn't really want to do anything for his birthday so of course, I planned family pictures on that day and then we had dinner from Pig in a Poke! (Some celebration right!) So I started to devise my plan and let him think that we didn't care about this HUGE age landmark--so I told him his mother was going to come up and watch the kids while we went out to dinner! Everything went off without a hitch barely and he was completely surprised. Check out the video (kind've dark), but we had a great time with family and friends! Afterwards, he was so grateful that we really did care about His "Special" day and he was especially appreciative of the Black Balloons!

Hiding behind the Landing waiting for Fred!


Mick and Megan, Sarah and Nancy

When you get OLD you need EXTRA fiber, glasses, and Adult diapers!

Let's just say the Cupcakes and Chocolate Fountain were a HIT!

I just wanted to let Fred know that I LOVE him and I appreciate everything that he has done for our family! I didn't make a list of the 40 reasons why I LOVE Fred, (that would be a LONG list) but He knows that I respect him, he's an AWESOME daddy and I love to watch him with the kids, and I love that he LOVES me and I LOVE him unconditionally! Happy Birthday Babe!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Family Pictures

What a day! Tuesday was Fred's 40th b-day and I haven't blogged about it yet, but I'm getting there. I'm still trying to make a list, 40 thing is a lot to write about someone! I knew Fred was going to be getting off of work early so I went ahead and scheduled our family pictures for that evening. It was so cold--I mean really cold--the kids were complaining, Fred was complaining, can anything go right! Will these pictures even turn out! Wendy just dropped them off to me so take a look and see what you think! (I think the only one who enjoyed himself was our dog, Max!)

Wendy had to give Sean a sucker so that he would look at the camera!

Thank you Wendy for doing such a Beautiful Job--As Fred put it thanks for making us look good on such a crappy day!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hart Prairie

I already have the title of "Lunch Lady", but this week I became a "Bus Driver". Mountain school takes there kindergarten class up to Hart Prairie up in the Peaks and lets them explore the forest and collect pine cones and the leaves that have changed or are changing color. We had a great time, the kids didn't complain too much about the hike and I'm so glad that I didn't have to take Sean(THANKS Stacie!) or else I would've been carrying him all the way back UP the hike.

BIG NEWS! Sydney says she has a boyfriend(I don't even think she understands the term, but I'll just let her keep thinking that he is a boy and a friend) and his name is Josh! His mother tells me they chase each other at recess so I tried to take their picture, but Sydney got shy!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's Almost Time

Ok, I don't want to be cheesy, but have you seen the new Twilight preview. It took my breath away!! I am so excited!!!!!

Here's the BRAND NEW Trailer just released today!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Three Princesses and ONE Prince!

This past weekend we were supposed to get our family pictures taken, but it was soooo cold, we had our first Fall storm, with snow in the mountains and the wind that blows right through your bones. So instead of cancelling our shoot, she just did the kids for me. The kids were really great, it was a very FAST shoot because of the weather, but they turned out beautiful!

They have such pretty meadows up here and I wanted the "look" like your walking through a field of wheat or tall dead grass!(mental picture) I also saw this gorgeous pink chair that my friend, Wendy got off of Craig's List(I need to get on that website) anyways I thought that it looked like a great "princess" chair and my brain started thinking I have 3 princesses she has a great chair which equals great pictures. Low and behold I ask her about the chair and she does photograpy. My mom came up to help me with the tulle skirts and pretty much ended up sewing the tulle skirts for me. So THANK YOU mom for the skirts! Here are a few of my favorites even though all of them are my favorites! Thank you Wendy Shepherd for taking such Beautiful pictures!