Friday, May 15, 2009

I need a VACATION!!!

I think I need a vacation...I finished school for the semester, had Sarah's b-day, Fred survived river rafting on the San Juan river with Sophie's class, we bought a house and will start moving in tomorrow, Fred and Sean are at the Father and Son's outing tonight and I hope they both come back, I'm going with Sarah to Colorado on her 6th grade outing, plan Sophie's 10th birthday, and I am the camp director for our ward so girls camp here I come. I think that is ALL I have to do in the next 4 weeks. I'll let you know how it goes!!!!

Pedicure Party

Sarah had a great birthday, we decided to do a Pedicure party...

Maddie, Emily, Scooter and Sarah
The Cake, I did not want to cut into this masterpiece!
Remember they are not professionals
Do I have to wear this silly crown?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Sarah!

May Day, May Day--Annoucing Sarah's 12th Birthday Today...WOW has it already been 12 years since my first born first appeared. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter, she is sooo loving and kind. I'm proud of the young woman that she has become, speaking of that, she is sooo excited to go into YW's.

Here's the top 12 Reasons I LOVE Sarah:

12. She plays the piano very beautifully, (she just got the music to Bella's Lullaby!!)

11. She is awesome in school and every teacher has always enjoyed having her in class.

10. She is kind-hearted.

9. She still thinks boys are gross. (for now)

8. I am in debt to her for always helping me babysit the kids.

7. She inspires me to be a better mother. (I'm really trying)

6. She truly cares for her friends.

5. She LOVES her sisters and brother, even though I think they get on her nerves sometimes.

4. She is a daddy's girl and Fred has a special place in his heart just for her.

3. I LOVE that she was the first-born and has tolerated Fred and I as parents for having her be the guinea pig for our parenting. (I think she's holding up pretty well)
2. She loves to do spur of the moment activities like me. (we don't plan very well at this house)

1. I am HONORED to have her for a daughter and I wouldn't change anything about her!!!

I LOVE YOU SARAH!!! Happy 12th Birthday!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Sarah:
Looking forward to the Future

Princess in Training

Sarah Nicole Reese, May 1, 1997