Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The 4th of July

This year was pretty laid back. We watched the parade, saw a lot of interesting characters, but our favorite part was when the veterans and the active duty military men and women went by. What a blessing it is to live in a free country! Here are some of the highlights from the parade:

Hopi Dancers

Only YOU can prevent forest fires!

More Hopi People

Sophie's Club Soccer team

Darth Maul giving Sean a High Five

Darth Vader lives in Flagstaff and he has a gut!! (looks like he needs to get out and hike a little more)

We had a great day, BBQ with family, a very low key day, but ended it with a yummy patriotic dessert-raspberry sorbet, vanilla ice cream topped with blueberries.

PS- some you may be wondering why I have this song playing for 4th of July...funny story during the parade we heard this song and realized it was the Gay pride float, but the best part of it was the Christian church floats that were behind them. The old man driving the tractor didn't look to enthused about it. It made Fred and I laugh!!