Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Just got SnowBlowed!

Quick Funny story--I was out shoveling snow, of course I was out shoveling snow, and my nice little old neighbor felt sorry for me and came over to help me. This poor man, he usually retires to Palm Springs in the winter, but they aren't leaving until after Christmas and he is sure getting his money worth for that snowblower. Well I'm trying to get the ice off of my driveway and as I'm scraping ice off, he comes by with his snowblower and forgets to switch the blower and well let's just say I had taken my coat off because I was getting warm and SWOOSH snow all over me. I just had to laugh because I'm trying to find humor in this weather that makes me want to cry.

Our House -- we have a very steep front yard, which makes for a really good sledding hill. The driveway is a Beast to get up when it's covered in snow.

The kids out playing in the snow today!

Piano Recital

Sarah and Sophie are both doing very well this year with piano. They had their holiday recital and both played very well. Their teacher, Gaby Emmons, held it at a local retirement center and I could overhear them talking about how much they enjoyed listening to the music. My videos aren't working so I'll figure it out and post later!

Snow is Falling All Around

Last year we got slammed with snow and it looks like this year or at least for now it's going to happen again. The kids are on their second snow day from school, and it keeps coming!!! I should be grateful for the moisture, but not so fun when my van wants to slip and slide on the road.

These were taken yesterday and the snow is still falling!!

Catching Up

I have to apologize to everyone, life has been pretty hectic around here. I finished the semester last week and hopefully I will end up with an A and two B's. (Rough Semester) December has been pretty busy for us and today it is snowing and I can't drive anywhere so I thought I would sit and blog.


On Dec. 8 we had a group of 67 people take a ride to the North Pole on the Polar Express, it was great fun and we had a great time seeing our friends that came up from Tucson. I highly recommend this to everyone who has this program nearby. They read the book, serve hot chocolate and cookies, and Santa comes and gives all the little children bells to hear the Spirit of Christmas!! Enjoy the pictures!!!

Ford, Sydney, Sean, Fred and Sophie

The Cannon Family, Cory and Taylor Harding

The Bean Family and Richards Family

Elisa and the White's(Tim, Rebecca, and Jenna)

CRAZY kids and the Haymore Family

Santa passing out bells!!

Sean DID NOT want to go home!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday Lights

The Little America in Flagstaff has a BIG holiday lights party for the community, they hang over a million lights and then invite the community to come and celebrate the beginning of the Christmas Season. The girls get to dress up as elves and they help in the craft room for the kids to make ornaments, but Sarah was to COOL this year so we let Sophie's friend, Taylor, wear it and they had a blast. Sarah and Maddie helped and even Sydney and her friend, Emi, helped pass out coloring pictures to the little kids. Each year they have Santa Claus come in some special way and this year he rode in on a Ranger all decked out and the kids loved it!! A lot of people come and the lights are so beautiful, I call it Flagstaff's Temple Square!
Yeah Right!!! HO! HO! HO! Too COOL for SCHOOL!!! Sean taking my picture!

The kids had a GREAT time, but of course we had to WAIT for Fred to go home, it was a long night, but he did treat us to a yummy dinner in their restaurant.

Happy Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone!!

There are so many things that I'm thankful this year when it seems we should all be down in the dumps. I am THANKFUL for my husband, my children, my family, Fred's JOB,(very important these days), my education, my Faith, the Gospel, my health, my family's health and so many other things. Thanksgiving was great, we went down to my parent's house in Camp Verde and it rained and rained. Dinner was great and then I went to see Twilight with my sister, Megan and sister-in-law, Dandi. We had a great time, loved the movie, a little campy, but then again I loved the movie, "Girls just want to have Fun!" My family is known to LOVE bad movies, remember Troop Beverly Hills, anyone. Fred had to work the Little America buffet so I didn't get to see him until after I got home from the movie.

The Kid's Table

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kicking and Screaming

This past weekend Sophie had her first soccer tournament down in Phoenix. If you can guess by the title, Sophie was kicking and I was screaming. We didn't win any games, but they didn't give up and that is all that counts. (RIGHT) I'm really proud of Sophie, her coaches think she has the potential to be a really good goalie. I beg to differ, that position scares me especially when you have a whole team trying to get to you!!! Even though it scares me, she had some really great blocks and I'm super proud of her giving it her all. GO UNITED 99!!! #7 is the BEST!!!

I have more ACTION pictures, I just need to get them from Megan!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our New President

This past Tuesday, I took the opportunity to VOTE. I believe that this election was very critical to our Nation. Although the guy who won is not who I voted for, I was very moved and impressed by his speech. I will pray for him and hope that he leads our Nation in the right way as we head into these tumultous times.

On the lighter side, Fred and I watched SNL alot to keep us laughing throughout this election. This video is of SNL's Amy Poehler doing the Palin Rap, I can't get enough of it. ENJOY!!!!


I am taking a 9 week course at NAU called FYE 101(yes it's a requirement) that helps you acclimate to school as a Freshman, we have to complete 4 passports in certain areas and one of them was to get involved in the community. They have an event here in Flagstaff called the First Friday Art Walk and I read the Wienermobile was coming to town and participate in the Art Walk. So I called our friends, the Beans, and we met up and took a tour of the Wienermobile. The kids kept yelling "Yeah we get to go and ride in the BIG WIENER!" I think my kids just like to say the word, wiener. I guess I do to because I've mentioned it a few times already. wiener, wiener, wiener... Anyways, we bundled up and headed out and after we experienced the "Wiener"mobile, we went and got crepes for everybody!! They were scrumdelicious!! Once again I give credit to Stacie for taking the pictures!! Thank you for hanging out with us!!!

Random pictures of the Wienermobile!!

Family Picture by the Wienermobile!

Inside the Wienermobile and Our Yummy Crepes!!!


I have been so crazy lately with school so I haven't been able to blog, but I have an extra hour so I thought I would catch up!!!

Trunk or Treat!! We had a great time on Thurs. Our church held it inside even though it wasn't that cold outside. Sean--pirate, Sydney--Hannah Montana, Sophie--Baby, Sarah--Theodore(from Alvin and the Chipmunks).

Thanks Stacie for the pictures!!(A new one is on my Christmas List!)

On Halloween I always try to do something fun for dinner so this year we had the Pumpkin Pizza from Papa Murphy's. Love the just throw in the oven and it's ready dinner!

Our Pumpkin Pizza (TASTY!!!)

Sean decides he doesn't want to be a pirate anymore, so he decides he wants to be Spiderman! (Whatever!) Stacie and the girls came over and we went Trick or Treating for about 2 hours. I can't believe they lasted that long, the weather was nice, but we had to climb some hills!!!

Spidey in Action!!!

Hannah Montana and Spiderman!! Emi and Sydney in ACTION!!!
By the end of the night I was holding the wig, the microphone, the spidey mask and 2 candy buckets!!

Theodore, Alvin, Simon
(Sarah, Maddie, Emily)

You know when your kids are getting older when they take pillow cases out trick or treating, Sarah had over 8 lbs of candy!!!

Sophie and Sadie as BABIES!!!