Friday, September 18, 2009

Infinite Power of Hope

I was having a bad week, until I saw this. Please watch and enjoy, comment on your feelings if you would like to share.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Boys, boys, boys. I think they are trouble. I picked up Sean today and his teacher told me he is having a hard time listening to her words and is disrespectful. And then I get the evil eye like I'm a bad mother. Oh what to do, what to do. I'm going to blame Fred for this one. Look at this sweet face, does he look like a monster to you? (Don't answer that!)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Totally "WICKED"

This past August 5 Fred and I celebrated our 14th annieversiary. Fred decided to surprise me with a trip to San Fransisco to see "WICKED" and spend a few days away from the kids. A little bit of trivia for you- Fred and I have NOT been anywhere alone together since our honeymoon 14 years together in San Fransisco. We were due for a trip. I told him I would go, but I had to do some homework. (Who does homework on a vacation? Do you see how dedicated I am?) We flew in on the 5th and saw Wicked that night. I LOVED it! I want to go back, San Fran would make a great girls trip. Anyone want to go!

Cell Phone Pics, I don't know why we didn't ask someone to take a picture with both of us, next time I guess.

We had a great time we used public transportation or walked to everything. The wharf, Golden Gate Park, we even went to a Giants game! I think Fred had to balance his manhood out after sitting for 3 hours at the show!
At the Beach!
The Giants Game! Again another cell phone pic.

I LOVE Fred and I'm so glad he gave us the opportunity to "Defy Gravity" for 3 days! (My FAVORITE Part)

Summer of 2009

Wow! Where do I start? This summer has been super crazy. We had a great summer, uneventful didn't go anywhere magnificent. We just laid low and chilled in Flagstaff. I had 1 class this summer, English 102 online, I thought easy I can do it. WRONG! Take a look at the first word you read on the introduction. WARNING! You can't put a warning sign on a class. Can you? Anyways, very intense, but I'm proud to announce I did get an A so spending 33.6 hours a week reading and writing paid off!

Oh what do you do in the summertime when all the leaves are green? Check out some of the things we did:

We went on a picnic and swam at Oak Creek with our friends, the Bean Family!
Sean enjoying the chocolate pudding and cheese puffs! MMMM Healthy picnic!
Sydney and Emerie
Sarah as the Little Mermaid
The Grizzly Gang (wouldn't stand still long enough to take good picture) The water was so cold your feet would start to go numb! BRRR!

Sophie played AYSO soccer, Bad mom warning!!! I did not take one picture! I'll have to ask the more responsible mother's if they had any. Their team was called the Grape Juice Comets. I think they won 2 games out of 8 not the best record , but they had fun. Sophie scored lots of goals, and had fun playing with Taylor and Sadie.

My sister, Kristin, and her family flew out from VA and we took a train ride up to the Grand Canyon. Fun times!
Parker, Kristin, Sean, Sophie, Dad
Sophie, Parker, Sean, Brady, Brenden and Sherriff Tucker. (Sydney was freaked out and wouldn't take her picture with the sheriff and Sarah started her 1st day of school.)
This picture freaked out my mom.
Yep! Same as last year, still there the Grand Canyon!

We had a great time with cousins and next summer maybe we'll get to go back and see them and tour DC!