Friday, June 26, 2009


We FINALLY bought a house in Flagstaff and we FINALLY feel at HOME. It's not in the middle of the street, but in a cul-de-sac. I LOVE it and can't wait to start doing some work on the house amd let my creative juices flow because they haven't been flowin' in awhile. I'll send out address cards soon to you all with the new address and if you ever need a place to stay while in or driving thru Flagstaff please give us a call...

Piano, Dance, Soccer

I forgot to include some other important stuff that happened over the last month that happened a long with all of the other stuff...

Sarah and Sophie had their piano recitals...

Sarah playing Bella's Lullaby

Sophie playing Spanish Guitar

Sarah decided to take up dance with her friend, was a LITTLE different from what she expected...she thought it was ballet, but it turned out to be modern dance...she has decided not too keep doing it.

Sophie participated in the English Soccer Challenger soccer camp, this is Sophie with her coach, Daz, they come over from England and spend the summer teaching American children how to play the game. She got player of the week and a really cool poster from some British soccer team or should I say British Football team...

Monday, June 15, 2009


OK so here goes, the last month has been crazy, crazy, we moved(new house pics later), Sarah and I went to Colorado, Sarah and Sydney graduated from 6th grade and Kindergarten and I was camp director for our Ward camp. Here are some highlights from the last month...

COLORADO(Four Corners, Mesa Verde, Telluride, Ouray Hot Springs)

Sarah sitting on all 4 states at one time...

Sarahs class at the 4 corners.

Sarah and I in a KEVA

Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde National Park

Telluride, CO

Sarah and I standing on SNOW, we camped out NO HOTELS!!! (very cold)

Ouray Natural Hot Springs

SIXTH GRADE GRADUATION--Can my first born be a 7th grader?

Sarah and her classmates...


Sarah and Mrs. Laurie


GIRLS CAMP-- Our theme this year was SURVIVOR...I was the Ward Camp Director and my good friend, Stacie Bean was the Assistant Camp Director, together I think we made a pretty good team and had a successful week.
Tuesday night it was just the YCL's and ME...Good night except we could've done without the wind and rain...

Learning how to use a chainsaw!!!

The First Years Skit

Our Virtue Climb...we unhurled our banner of Virtue...Camp was truly a great experience especially since I got to be there with Sarah...

The AWESOME leaders doing our dance to I'm A SURVIVOR!!!

All of us with the Bishopric in our Survivor shirts--we have a great group of YW in the Lake Mary Ward...WOO HOO

Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Sophie!!!

Today is Sophies 10th Birthday, WOW once again where has all the time gone. So here is the Top 10 list of why I LOVE Sophie!!

10. She is an AWESOME soccer player!

9. I LOVE Sophie's blonde hair and blue eyes.

8. She does very well in school and her teachers adore her.

7. The child is a sponge when it comes to information and she can spout off facts like no other.

6. She LOVES to read.

5. She shows compassion for her family and friends.

4. She loves her sisters and brother. (most of the time)

3. She is all "REESE"

2. She makes me PROUD to be her Mother.

1. Fred and I LOVE all of the achievements she has accomplished in her TEN years of life and she has so much more to give.