Saturday, May 8, 2010


Wow! It has been forever since I've posted. I haven't forgotten about it just not being in the right mindset to sit and type. The Reese family has had an eventful few months. I will post some pictures later, but I thought I would tell you about in my own words. First off all of the snow is gone from our yard! YEAH! I thought it would be here until June but the last little bit melted from our yard last week.

In February we met our dear and wonderful friends, The Paynes in St. George and had a FABULOUS weekend playing and catching up. I miss you guys dearly and Sean is still insisting we come up and see you so I guess we're going to have too!

On March 8 Fred's mother, Nancy, passed away unexpectedly. It has been a very trying time for our family as we deal with her loss, but Sean told me after I told him Grandma Nancy went to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus that- It's OK mom don't be sad, she will live again. My testimony has grown so strong from this statement that yes she will live again and our family will be with her again. I LOVE Fred and he gave such a moving tribute to his mom at her funeral. He needs all of your extra prayers right now.

I got my letter from NAU for this next fall and I'm on the alternate list for the Dental Hygiene program. So remember me in prayers that someone will decide to not go to NAU and decide to go somewhere else so I can get in. I think I've been down on myself lately for not getting into the program, but my wonderful, supportive husband told me I did everything that I could. He's right I busted my bum for 2 years getting A's and B's and I feel like the letter said, Your good but not good enough! Oh well! I hope to hear in July whether I get in...

Sarah turned 13 on May 1st, that's right people, Fred and I are the parents of a teenager! SCARY! Good thing she's a good kid and we love her and I'm pretty sure she loves us too!

Sophie is still playing soccer, but we're taking the summer off. I'm proud of all she has accomplished playing soccer.

Sydney is starting to get the "reading thing" she has struggled with it, but we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

Sean is 5 and is excited for Kindergarten next year. All of my kids will be in school! How sweet is that!

I'll update more, Fred is yelling for me to come and help change out ceiling fan lights.


rebecca and tim white said...

I am SO sorry to hear about Fred's mother. Our prayers will be with him (and you). Good to hear your update and hope to see you this summer!

lou said...

Elisa, I'm so sorry to hear about Fred's mom.
Keep your chin up about school :) I know you'll be great and it WILL happen!! Thanks for being such a wonderful and thoughtful vt to me... I'm gonna miss you guys! xoxo

Michele said...

I am so sorry to hear about Fred's mom. I will keep him in our prayers. As for school. It will work out the way it is supposed to- it always does. Maybe this isn't the right year. Maybe there is something else you are needed to do for a little bit. Good Luck!

1hotmama said...

We will keep you in our prayers--if you don't get in then NAU is definitely missing out. You do deserve it--BIG time. We also had a wonderful time with you and the kids, we missed Fred. I am glad to hear all is going well. Be sure to give everyone hugs and we can't wait until Sean shows up on our doorstep one day;)

Diann said...

Miss Elisa!! I am so sorry to hear about Fred mom!! Isn't it a wonderful learning experience when our children share what they have been taught!! We will keep you all in our prayers!! Good Luck on school!! I'm sure that all will work out!! Take Care! Love to hear how you are doing!! Thanks for the update!! Love Ya!!!