Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blizzard 2009

Another winter has come to Flagstaff, it started to snow early, early Monday morning and snowed all day. The schools cancelled halfway through the day, in my opinion they should've just cancelled them first thing in the morning. I finished my anatomy final and then they cancelled classes at the college! YEAH I'm so relieved to be done with that class, I enjoyed it, but WOW I'm tired but I learned our body is sooo amazing, Heavenly Father is AMAZING!

Today we had a snow day and tomorrow we have a snow day! The plowtruck hasn't even been on our street and in my cul de sac it's just snow piled about 2 feet!

Sean showing how deep our cul de sac snow is!!

Yeah the snow on this side of the house doesn't see the sun, so I think we are pretty much guaranteed a White Christmas. (At least in this spot)

The kids had a snowman made but it got buried in the snow!


Michele said...

WOW that is a lot of snow! How fun a white Christmas

The Cannons said...

Are you kidding me? Have fun with that. It cracked me up your blog went from sunny Lake Powell to SNOW!!! (random side note- i'm so sad modbe went out of buisness- I really liked their stuff)

rufannmama said...

holy crap! i am glad i don't live there. i would have to be on anti-depressants. p.s. joe emailed fred that we were coming up, but i'm not sure how far it went--would have been nice to see you. we will def. stay at L.A. next year. Williams was way overpriced.