Friday, October 16, 2009


WOW I haven't blogged in forever, I guess since my "bad" week. Life is on the upturn and I have a wonderful husband who LOVES me and children who "tolerate" their crazy mother. I'm halfway done with last semester of Pre-requisites and will submit my application for NAU's Dental Hygiene program by Feb. 1, 2010. (Keep me in your prayers that the committee will like my application and accept me!) I will post more when I have the time, just felt like I had to move on from despair and appreciate how LUCKY I am to be alive and have such wonderful supportive people in my life!

PS-My hoodie says LUCKY so I thought that to be an appropriate title for this blog. Not that I just wanted ya'll to look at a wonderful picture of Elisa standing at the top of Lombard street!


Donna said...

We are all very lucky and blessed, aren't we? Some days we just have to remind ourselves of it more than others. Looks like you had fun in SF. :) Good luck with the rest of school! Thinking of you!

The Sauls said...

You are lucky and I love you girlie!